Motivational Status English

If you do not live your life in your own way, people will put their ways on you.

By removing the ego from within

Light yourself, because the higher one arises which is lighter.

Consider your friends and choose, you will become like you are friends.

Adate is not bad, hobbies are high, otherwise no one has dreamed so much, let us see and do not complete.

Those waiting wait only get as much as those who try.

The most beautiful part of a person’s body is the heart, and if it is not clear then the shining face is of no use.

You have to lift yourself tired body, that no one gives the shoulder until the breath goes on.

For high dreams, one has to work from the depth of the heart, there is no success, one has to burn day and night in the fire of hard work.

Do not take advantage of someone’s goodness too much, that they become compelled to become bad, evil always becomes that which is broken by becoming good.

No one should give us the blessings of being happy, even if it is not a problem, we do not keep happiness, we distribute it.

Why are we separated then sowing hatred, nothing is achieved, but we are losing our loved ones.

Khota coin 😶 I thought that today I have broken their attention, my journey was long in the way of life, so I have left the footsteps.

This phase will pass, even if you do not have any leisure, what is the value of sorrow when happiness is not there?

I have made the doors of the house big, some friends have grown in stature by earning four paise.

There is a journey on which there will be a consequence of it, who can give a cheer, there will be such a jam, who is determined in the heart, there will be some arrangement to make success a success.

When there is a rupee in the pocket, the world sees your position, and when there is no money in the pocket, the world shows its position.

As long as you admit your problems and difficulties to others, then you cannot erase your problems and difficulties.

As long as we do not try to do any work, as long as we find that work impossible.

Have a crush on yourself

Keep pace with thought and action

You will get success 6 one day you will surely

Just keep तैयार ️ ready to move on.

Life always gives a new opportunity… in simple words it is called ‘tomorrow’ !!

One has to fight to change life and understand to make it easier.

In life, a person can understand the true value of something only in two circumstances, before it is found and after it is lost.

The day you started thinking about yourself, great people would start thinking about you.

The cowards die many times before their deaths; Brave tastes of death and never tastes just once.

The lonely moon in the stars shines 🌕

A lonely person stumbles in trouble

Don’t be afraid to bite my friend

Because the only rose in bites is smile !!

Fever and ornaments are a thing to keep, it is not shown to everyone.

It is better to drown someone by being a river, than to save someone by being a medium.

Walking diligently with heart,

Life is a little, walk a little smiling.

I am new, I will learn slowly .. But

I will not make my identity by bowing to anyone.

Sleep or no sleep, extinguish the lamp, burn someone overnight, we are not seen.

Neither happiness nor gum is sold anywhere. People are under the misconception that ointment is sold somewhere.

We are bad, only then we are living .. If it were good, the world would not let it live.

Honsala is elevated, there is every place in the mouth,

Hard and troubles are common in life,

If you are successful, keep your strength strong.

I swim against the waves,

Because flowing with waves 6 is the work of dead bodies !!

Why blame fate and others ,, When dreams are ours, then our efforts should also be ours.

It is fun to fight luck, luck does not let go and I do not know how to stop.

It should be that on the day Haru, on that day there should be more discussion than the one who wins.

Smiling is a part of my personality, friends, don’t consider me happy and forget about it.

I respect the elders because their goodness is more than mine. And I love Chhoto because his crime is less than me.

Just don’t stop at every step

If you have success, then be careful,

Don’t make noise of your 48 efforts

Change your life silently.

These paths will take you…. Till the floor, you have been encouraged, never heard that the darkness has allowed it to happen in the morning.

The target should not be oozed.

Get on the steps

Success will touch your feet.

Not today or tomorrow.

Watching the waves calm, do not understand that there is no rain in the sea .. Whenever you wake up, you will rise as a storm .. It is not decided to rise yet.

Ask the price of time for that newspaper,

After the end of the day, there is no cost.

Those who make noise are left in the crowd, they get success in life. Those who do their work silently.

Weapons are kept only for the sake of fear, the name is enough for fear.

Do not put much faith in the lines of hands 4 because luck is also with those who do not have hands.

Do not dare to test the courage, I have already turned many storms.

He rules only those who rule the hearts, otherwise on the head of the street, there is a crown.

It may not be good every day, but every day there is something good.